To launch the app

From any published Morphing or i-Video or Photo cube hit

Facebook animated GIF sharing

To embed a GIF on your timeline, group or page, from the GIF converter just hit , wait for server upload and hit

But, but... please be careful about the GIF file size!!!
Do not share files bigger than 2MBytes, see below... We see files on our servers with sizes over 10MBytes which will take a long time to load... We had to restrict maximum upload file size to 5 MBytes.

Sharing on tumblr

Maximum GIF file size is around 2MBytes. If the file is bigger tumblr will display a still image.

Current issues

  • Android default browser (before Android 5) is bugged and will crash!!!
  • Internet Explorer/Edge saves with incorrect format (.png). So we send the GIF file to the server and provide the link to the GIF image.
  • iPhone, iPad "Photos" does not allow displaying animated GIF. However there are several free apps in the AppStore, look for "GIF Viewer".
If you find other issues, please tell me!

Hints, how to make a good animated GIF

GIF file size

GIF (Graphic Interchange Format) is a very old standard format with poor compression. It is widely used to display small animated icons but not large images with a lengthy animation.
For example a 10 seconds 640x480 GIF file played at 25 frames/second will have a size of around 50 MBytes!!!

Therefore, it is necessary to find the best compromise between GIF dimension, animation duration and frames per second to get an acceptable GIF file size.
The GIF converter displays a rough estimate of the GIF file size. Note that this is a very rough estimate based on average images. Actual sizes may be much lower for graphic images and higher for photos with many details.

A typical small GIF,
file size is 54 KB

Before you hit "Convert to GIF"...

1- Adjust GIF quality to the smallest acceptable value
2- Select the minimum acceptable duration
3- Select the minimum acceptable frame rate
4- Check the displayed estimated GIF file size


240x180, 20fps, size=867KB
120x90 resized to 240x180
15fps, size=134 KB
240x180, 20fps, estimated 400kB
but only 100kB

Credit: GIF encoder from  Copyright (c) 2013 Johan Nordberg