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- Apr 2, 2019 - A morphing editor is implemented (PC & tablet only). From your morph player, hit EDIT then MORPH EDITOR. Works with regular morph but also Facemorph.

- Dec 17, 2018 - Members interactivity is improved: A member can follow other members, notifications are implemented.

- Dec 6, 2018 - Audio to mp3 and Video to mp4 online converter apps are released. They don't require an account and they don't show ads, popups, etc...

- July 17, 2018 - The Litho Shade online app is released. Easily create ready to 3D print lithophane lampshades, including shape, dimensions and bulb holders. View the tutorial and this sample.

- June 27, 2018 - Models done with the 3D effects app can now be 3d printed in "lithophane" mode, which means that they can be viewed by transparency.

- June 19, 2018 - Publish and share your 3D models in OBJ or STL format. Zipped OBJ is also supported.

- June 6, 2018 - In EDIT mode, you can now add your own sound to your animation. Also, Morphing and 3Dface video conversion now includes sound.

- Apr 12, 2018 - Two 3D Modeling apps, 3D printer friendly, are released: Do it 3D - An intuitive CAD and  3D Pipes - for Math enthusiasts

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