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3D model illusion
Use mouse/fingers to rotate/zoom

From live photo to 3D model, turn a video sequence into an interactive animation !

Advanced features include green screen masking and adding a new background image to provide illusion of a 3D model.

The resulting animation can be published, shared, converted to GIF, integrated to a website or blog...



mp4 is the standard format for most recent Android phones & tablets.

Tools to convert video to mp4 are provided:


Use this screen to:
   - Crop the video if needed
   - Set start and end frames
   - Adjust settings
   - Preview using the play button

Use and to zoom in/out the timeline. Ticks represent 1 second.

≈1.5 MB shows an estimate of the final animation size according to frames count and current settings.

Hit PROCESS to create the animation.




Here's the published result:

Use mouse/fingers to animate/zoom



The green screen masking technique also known as chroma keying is widely used in the film and TV industry for special effects. We show here how to use it to give the illusion of a 3D model, but many other applications are possible.

View the tutorial:

Green screen masking, step by step...

Example setting

All you need is a uniform color sheet (green is the best but any color will work if it's very different from the subject color), a rotating tray and a video camera on tripod.

Make sure your object is well centered on the tray, start recording and slowly turn the tray clockwise at least 360°.

Convert your video to mp4 and load it with the i-Video app.


Crop the image to fit the subject.

Match start and end frames for a 360° rotation.


On next screen, select MASKING - REMOVE BACKGROUND


On the thumbnail, click/tap on the green background. The background turns to red on the main image.

Use the sliders to adjust.

Then select PLAY & PUBLISH


Select the final format.

Check 360°, select Continous and adjust the speed.

You may now add a background image and publish.

Subject not correctly extracted from background?
No panic, a frame by frame editor is available on
the editor page!