Greatly improve your animations with this simple to use editor tool

Original 3D Face

After masking and background

Key features:

How to... step by step

Select from one of your animations player page, and then select
The animation is displayed together with following controls:

Browse to add a background image or pick one from the background library.

Notice the "Scale Background" checkbox:
- When checked, you can move/scale the background using mouse/fingers on the animation screen.
- When unchecked, you can move/scale/rotate the animation object itself.

You can control background appearance with:
Black & white
Animate in one direction
Animate in alternate direction
Erase (then use Background Color)

Select  , following controls are displayed:

Layer select: Select the layer to mask edit.
The number of layers depends on the app which generated
the animation, from one in the case of 3D Face to six for each
face of a Photocube, plus the background if any.

Selective mask, will mask according to the color below the tool.
Reveal, show image below mask

Note that the masking process is non destructive:
It's always possible to reveal masked portions.
This is even true after saving the animation and coming back later to the editor.
It is also possible to mask portions of a background image.
The selective mask tool:
Very useful to isolate hair and face from the background.

Select a large tool using the "Tool Size" slider for ultra fast operation.

Use the reveal tool if too much was masked...

Some examples:


Face swap, using Facemorph,
start image Obama with face masked

Adding background and perspective
to Morphing

Cube with hole, moving background