Turn a single face picture into an animated 3D model
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Eyes and mouth are critical face areas... Carefully adjust the corresponding contours.

A good eye contour

A good mouth contour

It's always better to start from a subject with neutral expression and mouth closed... However, this is how to proceed if the subject is smiling:
Upper and lower teeth visible

Upper teeth visible

Face animation


Up to 4 simultaneous animations can be selected:
- 1 of 4 feelings (happy, surprised, sad, angry)
- Blink or wink
- 1 of 2 eyes movements (squint, move)
- 1 of 4 effects (statue, alien, toon, terminator)

Make it sing...

Just select a song to make your model sing!
Make sure to hit "Publish" while singing.
Your publication will be saved as an "Avatar" app.



Facial features recognition from:
clmtrackr library (https://www.github.com/auduno/clmtrackr/)
Copyright (c) 2013, Audun Mathias Øygard