The easiest way to convert your videos to MP4

Just select or drop a video file and it will be converted !

- The *.mp4 file will be stored in the same folder as your original video.
- The original settings from your video (resolution, fps, quality) are kept.
- Fast, relies on the industry standard FFmpeg library.
- Totally free, no ads, no viruses, does not access Internet...
- Windows 10 or above

Warning: Only video files with even width/height are supported.

Get it from CNET!  Direct download link

Why convert to MP4 (H.264)?
- MP4 is now the standard for video, like jpeg for images or mp3 for audio.
- MP4 is supported by all major browsers and is the streaming format used by YouTube.
- MP4 is the broadcasting format for HDTV in most countries.
- MP4 is the most used default format on Android phones & tablets.