Q: When I publish an animation, the thumbnail is blank or black.
 A: This is a browser or graphic card bug which remains a mystery...  It sometimes happens with Chrome under Windows 10,  but we found no way to reproduce it. Anyway, the webmaster will fix the thumbnail for you, but please be aware that if this happens, then you certainly will not be able to convert your animation to video or GIF...  Your only choice is then to switch to Firefox or Edge.
 Q: I'm on IPhone/iPad/Mac and I can't use the Live Selfie and Avatar apps
 A: This comes from Apple... They don't allow camera access from browser. With the latest ios13 version Live Selfie will work, but no sound can be recorded with Avatar.
 Q: How can I save my animations?
 A: Play your published animation. On the player page, below the screen, hit "VIDEO". This will bring you to the video converter page. Preview and adjust your animation and hit "Convert to video" to produce a downloadable mp4 video. Cost is 1 token, with token price as low as 30 cents.
Morphing, Live Selfie, iVideo and Photocube can also be saved for free as an animated GIF, just hit "TO GIF" on the player page.
3D animations may be saved as OBJ or STL files, just hit "DOWNLOAD" on the player page.
 Q: Why do I have to pay for videos? Most sites do it for free!
 A: Maintaining a site costs money: server costs, yearly SSL certificate... We ask you a small participation to cover our expenses. We don't expect to make money with this site! Also, unlike most other "free" sites, we don't display any ad...
 Q: How can I buy additional tokens for video conversion?
 A: Go to your settings page (MYPOSTS -> SETTINGS), and press "BUY TOKENS NOW". We use PayPal for secure transaction.
 Q: How do I save videos on iPhone/iPad (before ios13)?
 A: There is no direct way to save videos on these devices before ios13. You could install the free documents app.
 Q: How can I do multiple morphs, like face 1 to face 2 to face 3...
 A: Convert the individual morphs to video, then use a video editor like Windows Movie Maker to combine the videos into a single one
 Q: Why is my post moved to unlisted?
 A: Poor quality, duplicates or very similar posts are moved to unlisted by the webmaster
 Q: I published many public animations and I see only 2 in the overview page
 A: If you publish more than 6 animations in a row, only the 2 most recent will be displayed in the overview page. This is to avoid what can be considered as spam by our users. But all your posts will be visible on your channel.
 Q: How can I know who liked my post?
 A: There is no way to display that. But only registered users can like posts.
 Q: How can I avoid / display adult content?
 A: Go to your settings page (MYPOSTS -> SETTINGS), uncheck / check "Enable Adult Content" and "Save Changes"
 Q: I created an account, and now each time I go to the site I'm logged in, how can I avoid that?
 A: Open a private window, or clear the cookies or use "MY POSTS" -> "LOGOUT". If you don't come to the site during one month you will be logged out.
 Q: I forgot my password, how can I recover my account?
 A: If you entered a valid e.mail address when you registered, you should have received an e.mail with a link to recover your account. If you didn't enter an e.mail address, send an e.mail to webmaster@3dthis.com, include your username and some evidence that you are the account owner. We will then reset your password and send you a temporary one.
Q: I can't register, it keeps telling me "Allowed characters are a-z,A-Z,0-9,_@."
A: Make sure you are using only the indicated characters in your user name and password. Do not use spaces in user name or password.
For example: John Smith is not accepted, use John_Smith or John-Smith or JohnSmith. User name is not case sensitive, but password is case sensitive.
 Q: I know my user name and password and can't login
 A: Make sure there is no trailing blank in your user name, some browsers add a blank...
 Q: I'm getting a red message on my channel that I'm violating the site rules!!!
 A: The maximum number of unlisted + private posts is 100. Remove posts or move them to Public as soon as possible until the message disappears.
Q: How can I delete my account?
A: Go to your settings page (MYPOSTS -> SETTINGS), and hit "Delete Account" (bottom right). Warning: This will permanently remove all your data from the servers. It cannot be recovered.

You didn't find an answer to your question? Ask the webmaster@3dthis.com