Animate a 3D face model with your camera, record and change your voice
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Important note

: A singing 3D Face is published as an Avatar app! See here

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Required configuration

This app uses the latest HTML5 developments and is still experimental...
What you need is:

Apple devices are currently not supported, recent ios versions allow camera access but not voice recording.


This app attempts to detect your face and facial expressions in real time. This may not always work and your avatar will start having its own life...
For best result, place your face in front of a neutral background (wall, curtain...) and make sure there is enough light.

Singing in playback

You may have your avatar sing in playback, with high quality stereo audio. Here's how to proceed:

After a few trials, you should get something like this:

Required browser: Chrome 63 or higher, Firefox 57 or higher. Previous versions don't support stereo audio capture.


All processing is done locally, no webcam data is sent outside your device.
Your voice data is sent to server only when you publish the animation. The Voice Pitch slider allows modifying your voice so it cannot be recognized. You may also avoid sending your voice to the server by checking the Mute checkbox.