The Stereoscopic Viewer allows viewing 3D stereo images without glasses or special equipment.
It supports side by side stereo views and red cyan anaglyph.

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Side by side stereo image, source Wikipedia

Image rendered in 3D


Red/cyan anaglyph, normally viewed with color glasses, source Wikimedia

Image rendered in 3D

Two rendering modes are available:

The "3D Experimental mode" analyzes the image to produce a depth map. It requires images with a subject clearly in front of the background.

The "Rotate and alternate mode" alternates between left and right views. It works with all stereo images. Red/Cyan images are displayed in black & white.


3D Experimental mode - original image source: wikipedia

Rotate and alternate mode

3D Experimental mode hints

Don't expect a computer to have the capacity of a human brain!!!

The algorithm will fail for:

Results are usually better with "side by side" than "red/cyan"

See these examples for fairly good results with the 3D Experimental mode