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Some examples of what can be done with this site and with PhotoAnim for Windows

New! Transparent Cube by 3dthis
New! Transparent Cube
New!!! Kaleidoscope by 3dthis
New!!! Kaleidoscope
Where is it? A new tool by 3dthis
Where Is It? A New Tool
New! Oval Lithophane Lampshade by 3dthis
New! Oval Lithophane Lampshade
New!!! Sphere Lithophane by 3dthis
New!!! Sphere Lithophane
How to use the Morphing Editor by 3dthis
How To Use The Morphing Editor
New! Doit3D Magic Marquee by 3dthis
New! Doit3D Magic Marquee
3D print tags by 3dthis
3D Print Tags
Xmas Time !!! by 3dthis
Xmas Time !!!
New "Mirror" mode in doit3d by 3dthis
New "Mirror" Mode In Doit3d
New!!! Litho Shade by 3dthis
New!!! Litho Shade
New! Lithophane by 3dthis
New! Lithophane
3D Model Sharing by 3dthis
3D Model Sharing
Custom Sound by 3dthis
Custom Sound
Octopod by 3dthis
Textured Printable Surface by 3dthis
Textured Printable Surface
Mobius Surface by 3dthis
Mobius Surface
Using Do it 3D - Big Lego by 3dthis
Using Do It 3D - Big Lego
3D Pipes app is released by 3dthis
3D Pipes App Is Released
Do it 3D - Intuitive 3D design by 3dthis
Do It 3D - Intuitive 3D Design
Sing a song with 3D Face... by 3dthis
Sing A Song With 3D Face...
3D Face - Crop by 3dthis
3D Face - Crop
Non Human Faces by 3dthis
Non Human Faces
Don't Worry by 3dthis
Don't Worry
OBJ Import From 3Dface To PhotoAnim by 3dthis
OBJ Import From 3Dface To PhotoAnim
Mask Editor Demo by 3dthis
Mask Editor Demo
Trump Singing Jingle Bells :) by 3dthis
Trump Singing Jingle Bells :)
French President Singing xmas by 3dthis
French President Singing Xmas
Happy Halloween by 3dthis
Happy Halloween
Happy Halloween by 3dthis
Happy Halloween
Avatar - A new app... Try it !!! by 3dthis
Avatar - A New App... Try It !!!
Avatar app - I'm Happy by 3dthis
Avatar App - I'm Happy
New App 3D Face!!! by 3dthis
New App 3D Face!!!
Morphing Now Handles Transparency by 3dthis
Morphing Now Handles Transparency
New Face Morph Online App by 3dthis
New Face Morph Online App
Photo cube online app by 3dthis
Photo Cube Online App
I-Video Tutorial by 3dthis
I-Video Tutorial
I-Video example from a TV commercial by 3dthis
I-Video Example From A TV Commercial
The I-Video app by 3dthis
The I-Video App
Live Selfie with objects by 3dthis
Live Selfie With Objects
Live Selfie online app by 3dthis
Live Selfie Online App
Google Cam to 3D example by 3dthis
Google Cam To 3D Example
Transparent Oceans by 3dthis
Transparent Oceans
3D Panorama Mapper Example 3 by 3dthis
3D Panorama Mapper Example 3
3D Panorama Mapper example 2 by 3dthis
3D Panorama Mapper Example 2
3D Panorama Mapper example 1 by 3dthis
3D Panorama Mapper Example 1
MPO Conversion by 3dthis
MPO Conversion
Use device orientation to display 3D objects by 3dthis
Use Device Orientation To Display 3D Objects
Google Cam Lens Blur to 3D example by 3dthis
Google Cam Lens Blur To 3D Example
3D Photo Stereoscopic Viewer by 3dthis
3D Photo Stereoscopic Viewer
Stereo viewer - wobble mode by 3dthis
Stereo Viewer - Wobble Mode
Stereo viewer - 3D experimental mode by 3dthis
Stereo Viewer - 3D Experimental Mode
Stereo Viewer demo by 3dthis
Stereo Viewer Demo
Stereo Viewer example by 3dthis
Stereo Viewer Example
3D Photo Effects Free online app - Magic volume by 3dthis
3D Photo Effects Free Online App - Magic Volume
Spring Toy - Sound Demo by 3dthis
Spring Toy - Sound Demo
Use our free Morphing app for plastic surgery by 3dthis
Use Our Free Morphing App For Plastic Surgery
3D tap by 3dthis
3D Tap
3D titles by 3dthis
3D Titles
PhotoAnim V2.0 is released by 3dthis
PhotoAnim V2.0 Is Released
Bird by 3dthis
Bretzel by 3dthis
Example of video texture by 3dthis
Example Of Video Texture
Cartoon fish by 3dthis
Cartoon Fish
Trumpet by 3dthis
Similing Lion by 3dthis
Similing Lion
Building a lamp by 3dthis
Building A Lamp
Senegal by 3dthis
Nissan car model by 3dthis
Nissan Car Model