PhotoAnim has three basic operating modes:

  • Image Edit mode - Extract subject from background, image corrections, draw shapes and text...

  • Animate mode - Warping or skeletal animation on multiple regions

  • Movie mode - Control camera position and produce video

About graphic cards
PhotoAnim does not rely on specific graphic hardware. All computations are done by the processor(s). Caching and multi-threading are extensively used. The only request is a fast PC, if possible multi-core and plenty of memory (min 500 MB).

About video length
PhotoAnim is designed to produce short video clips (1 minute maximum). If you intend to produce longer videos, you should split your project into short takes and mount them using a video editor like Windows Movie Maker.

The table below lists PhotoAnim main features:




General Import image to subject or background, export image, add blank subject image
  Project new, open, save, save as
  Multiple undo/redo with history window
  Timeline with Background and Subject layers showing image vignettes
  Set duration, change position on timeline
  View/hide background or subject
  Erase and extend background
  Settings: Imported image duration, image size warning, exported JPEG quality
  Comprehensive context menus (right click) and shortcut keys
  Publish Animation and/or video to https://3dthis.com
  Sample Animation projects
  Sample 3D library objects including textured basic shapes
  Import 3D objects in .OBJ or .3DS formats
Image Edit Mode Edit background image or subject image
  Selection marquees: rectangular, elliptical, free hand lasso, line lasso
  New selection, add to selection, subtract from selection, intersect with selection
  Feathering from 0 to 4 pixels
  Magic cleaner, edit with red mask, auto-apply mask, shrink/grow selection (subject image only)
  Delete, cut, copy, paste, paste to new image
  Copy selection, paste selection
  Auto-levels, auto-contrast, white balance
  Brightness/contrast, color balance, hue/saturation
  Blur/sharpen, lighting effects
  Hand tools: Eraser, reveal (subject only), brush/pencil, paint bucket, blur
  Hand tools controls: size, shape, flow, mode (normal, lighten, darken)
  Color select, color picker
  Draw shapes: line, rectangle, filled rectangle, ellipse, filled ellipse, with width and smoothing controls
  Draw text: font select, size, bold, italic, underline, color (picker), smoothing
  clipboard, shapes and text are sent to a paste layer for move, resize, rotate, distort before applying to background or subject images.
Animate Mode View start image & current frame, view start image only, view current frame only
  Preview: Frame cursor, play/stop, auto loop, set best edit frame
  Display: dots, bones, trajectories, mesh
  Initialize: full image (warping mode), multiple regions contours (skeletal animation)
  Initialize: 3D multiple regions from front view image.
  Controls: shape, thickness (auto or constant), guard ring, symmetry, symmetry factor
  Define lips, control lip opening, opacity, color
  Initialize: 3D flat mesh from a full image (for use with 3D editor tools)
  3D preview window, with view control 3 axis, light and camera distance
  Auto select region/object with mouse over (can be disabled, then use TAB)
  Selected region: Add/remove dot, move dot (including Z axis), add bone and joint, auto add bone
  Set joint properties (interaction, skin fill)
  Selected region controls: Hide/show, reset dot, erase user dots, reset animation, remove region, set current frame as start image
  Selected region time curve: linear, reverse, alternate, time curve editor
  Bone controls: change orientation, set elastic or solid, remove
  Multiple region binding, with single or double binding, disable bindings
  Conductor box
  Time curve editor window: curve library, draw curve (linear or spline), save curve to a library
  Lasso and polygonal selection: move selection, convert to mesh, split mesh, cut mesh, add to mesh
  3D editor tools: lasso, polygonal, rectangular and elliptical selection, show selection on 3D preview
Dig/grow mouse modes: spherical, bi-cubic, linear, constant, tilt plane. Dig/grow both sides, front only, back only
  Special functions: track, spin
  Copy current frame, export current frame
  Export current frame as a 3D image (*.3ds, *.obj, *.stl)
  Load object / Save as object
  Direct object controls: Set to original size, clone, move, zoom, rotate, distance (Z), open object effect editor
  Direct object controls: Horizontal rotation, vertical rotation
  Object editor:
Play speed, start frame, auto loop (if object is itself animated)
Effect curve editor for: horizontal position, vertical position, scale, rotation, distance (Z), opacity, blur, brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, red, green, blue
  Object editor:
Effect curve editor for: horizontal rotation, vertical rotation, inflation
  Object editor:
Material replacement - Color, Transparency
  Object editor:
Texture replacement by image or video (animated texture)
  Add a continuation
  Settings: preview render quality, mesh definition
Movie Mode Play, pause, stop, rewind, auto re-play, play cursor, start & end markers
  Camera 'Look at' and zoom
  Move camera vertical, horizontal, dolly
  Camera control tags: find tag backwards, find tag forward, copy previous tag, erase tag
  tag curve shapes: linear, fast rise, slow rise, slow-fast-slow
  Light/shading: intensity, horizontal position, vertical position, follow camera, ambient light, back light, reflection (specular light)
  Copy current frame, export current frame
  Export movie
Movie formats: uncompressed AVI, WMV, MOV, FLV, MP4
Bit rate, quality
  Settings: video size (min 16x16, max 4096x4096), frames/sec (from 1 to 100), preview render quality


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