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Q: When publishing, PhotoAnim window blinks and/or becomes blank
A: This seems to happen on some devices and it's being investigated. However it has no impact: Just wait for upload to terminate and everything will be fine again.
Q: Under Windows 10, I cannot publish on 3dthis.com
A: Please install V2.12
Q: I cannot publish on https://3dthis.com, always getting message "Cannot connect"
A: There's a new security issue with our website hosting company. Please install V2.12 to fix that.
Q: I cannot get it to work under Windows 8
A: Make sure you have downloaded and installed the latest V2.12 PhotoAnim version (there was a bug in V2.0)
Q: Is there a Mac version available?
A: PhotoAnim is only available on Windows based platforms. However many free applications are available online on https://3dthis.com
Q: How do I setup an account on https://3dthis.com ?
A: You can create a free account directly on 3dthis.com. You can also create an account with PhotoAnim from Tools->Publish a Video or File->Publish to Web. Your user name and password are valid both on 3dthis.com and PhotoAnim.
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