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With PhotoAnim V2.1, you may publish animations and/or videos to our social site https://3dthis.com

Published animations are converted to WebGL and you may decide what the viewer can do: Use mouse or fingers to move/zoom camera, click/tap to start animation, etc.

Videos are converted to mp4 and webm format for compatibility with most browsers. You may publish any video (including sound) or the video currently displayed in Movie Mode

Publish an Animation

  • Switch to Animate mode   
  • Select Main Menu -> File -> Publish to Web, or click , or type Ctrl+P

The video below shows the following steps:

The Publish Animation dialog

JPEG files are smaller and should be preferred. However, in some cases, when your animation involves holes or transparency, PNG has to be used.
A flat title using JPEG, borders and holes are rendered as black

The same title using PNG, borders and holes are transparent.
Use this only for 3D objects involving big changes in shape. This instructs the WebGL renderer to re-calculate the light at each frame. This uses a lot of processor JavaScript resources, so use it only if really necessary.
Start on load page: The animation will start automatically after the page is loaded.
Start/stop on click: The animation will start when the viewer clicks on the screen.
Start/stop on over: The animation will start when the mouse cursor is over the screen.
Loop the animation (default)
Play animation forward then reverse (default)
Publish the current frame only (no animation). The viewer can still rotate and zoom the object if allowed to do so. Also the 3dthis.com animation editor can be used for automated camera control and other effects.
Camera Move This section allows implementing constant speed camera moves in the X, Y or Z directions, by specifying an initial angle in degrees and a speed in degrees/second. The random switch adds some randomness to the move.
'Mouse drag' and 'Mouse wheel' specify which actions are allowed by the viewer.
Note that these behaviours can be changed after publication by editing the animation on 3dthis.com using the animation editor.

Publish a Video

You may publish any video (including sound) or the video currently displayed in Movie Mode

  • To publish any video, select Main Menu->Tools->Publish a Video or click
  • To publish the current video, switch to Movie Mode then
    select Main Menu->File->Publish To Web or click , or type Ctrl+P. Note that the video quality is defined by

Published video format is limited to 640x480. Bigger formats will be downsized to fit.
Publication time is limited to 5 min.

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