MPO files (Multi Picture Object) are produced by stereoscopic cameras like the FujiFilm FinePix REAL 3D W3

An MPO file contains two JPEG images, one for the left eye and one for the right eye.

The 3Dthis MPO Converter Web App allows converting an MPO file into:

  • 2 separate JPEG images (left and right eye view)
  • A side by side stereoscopic image for parallel viewing
  • An Holmes Stereoview
  • A Red/Cyan anaglyph

Christian Roux ( offers a huge gallery of MPO files which can be downloaded.

Side by side parallel viewing

Side by Side parallel viewing example
Loreo Pixi 3D Viewer Viewing this image in 3D requires a 3D viewer. We experimented successfully the Loreo Pixi 3D Viewer which is sold for around US$5.00 + shipping.


Holmes StereoView

Holmes stereoview example
This technique, introduced at the end of the19th century, allows viewing small images in 3D without glasses. The image should not be more than 10cm (4 in.) wide.
Bring your eyes close to the screen until you see 3 images and look at the center image. Then move slowly backwards.

Red/cyan Anaglyph

Red/Cyan anaglyph example


red/cyan glasses Red/cyan glasses are required to view this image in 3D. Such glasses are widely available and cheap (starting price around US$ 0.2). There's a big choice on Amazon
The drawback is that colors are not rendered accurately.