This app allows 3D rendering from images shot with Google Camera in lens blur mode.

Lens blur image:
Google Camera Lens Blur Image

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3D rendering:

What is Google Camera Lens Blur? How can I use it?

The Google Camera application in lens blur mode allows simulating the depth of field (bokeh effect) from SLR cameras using a smartphone or tablet:
The subject appears sharp and the background is blurred.
The Google app requires a recent smartphone or tablet under Android 4.4.2 (kitekat) or higher.
More from Google research blog
Original image, shot with Galaxy Tab3
Google cam image without lens blur
Google Camera lens blur effect
Google cam image with lens blur

From Lens Blur to 3D, how does it work?

A lens blur JPEG image file produced by Google Camera actually includes 3 images:
  • The original image
  • A depth map
  • The final "lens blur" image

Using the depth map, our application produces 3D effects, starting from the original image or the blurred image.

Warning: Do not attempt to edit a jpeg file produced by Google Camera lens blur! This would edit the "Lens Blur" image only and the original image and depth map would be lost.

Special credit to Jaume Sanchez for providing the depth extractor code.

Google Lens Blur JPEG image format. First two images are coded inside the JPEG header
Google cam lens blur image format
Original image
Depth map (black portions are closer)
"Lens blur" image