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Funny...Je suis CharlieStereocard depicting an coral 3dOrchidVegas 3DAngela 3D3dthis - Morph demoVase with holesA sweet dog from InternetShapesrotating chromeGrandmother Lula and JessePorcelain HorseOrchidsDancing coke
Funny... - by AngelaJe Suis Charlie - by ChrisStereocard Depicting An 'Awful Discovery' By Alfred Silvester, C. 1855 - 1860 - by NationalMuseumsScotlandCoral 3d - by AlainOrchid - by ChrisVegas 3D - by KevinAngela 3D - by Angela3dthis - Morph Demo - by EvangelistVase With Holes - by AlainA Sweet Dog From Internet - by GuestShapes - by KyleeRotating Chrome - by ChrisGrandmother Lula And Jesse's Transparent Cube - by HtdewittPorcelain Horse - by NaomiOrchids - by ChrisDancing Coke - by Alain
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Publications Overview

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3D channel

3D Channel

  • View public 3D animations and videos
  • Edit your animations
  • Sharing and embedding
Morphing channel

Morphing Channel

  • View public morphings
  • Edit your morphs
  • Convert to animated GIF 

Free online Web apps

Morphing Web app


  • Morph between two photos or distort a single photo
  • Animate, publish
Demo 3D Photo effects Web App

3D Photo Effects   

  • Give immediate volume to any picture
  • Take snapshots, publish
  • Tablet friendly*
3D Volume Web App

3D Volume

  • Load a photo or drawing from your computer or the Web
  • Give it 3D volume
  • Animate, take snapshots, publish
  • Tablet friendly*
Demo PhotoAnim icon

PhotoAnim V2.1 for Windows Freeware 

  • 3D objects from single photos
  • Animate
  • Import 3D models
  • Publish here
  • STL export for 3D printers

3D Photo apps - Stereoscopy

3D Photo shoot web app

3D Photo Shoot 

  • Shoot 3D photos from tablet**
  • Stereoscopic or anaglyph display, save

Build Stereo

  • Build a stereoscopic image from left eye and right eye images
  • Side by side or anaglyph display, save
3D viewer Web App

3D Viewer

  • Transform side by side stereoscopic or red/cyan anaglyph to a 3D volume
  • Publish and share
  • Tablet friendly*
Samples Google Cam to 3D web app

Google Cam(***) to 3D

  • Transform images to 3D
  • Animate, publish
  • Tablet friendly


Stereoscopy Converters
Stereoview to Anaglyph web app

Stereoscopy to Anaglyph

  • Side by side stereoscopic to red/cyan anaglyph converter
  • Tablet friendly
  Google Cam to Stereoview web app

Google Cam to Stereo

  • Transform Google Camera(***) images to stereoscopic in seconds.
  • side by side, cross eyed, red/cyan anaglyph outputs.


MPO to JPEG Converter

  • Side by side stereoscopic
  • Red/cyan anaglyph
(*) WebGL capable browser required. Android recent tablets, iPad under IOS 8.0.2 or higher
(**) Requires cam access from browser. Currently only Android (Chrome, Firefox, Opera)
(***) Google Camera requires Android 4.4 or above, but our web apps run on most devices including desktop and IPad (IOS 8.0.2)

Registered members

Animation Editor Web App

Animation Editor

  • Edit publications
  • Control camera, light, background, objects, animation and much more.
Demo account manager

Account Manager

  • Change password / e-mail
  • Delete account




browser hints

Browser hints

  • Animation or video not playing? You will find here most common answers, as well as links to useful sites.

Tools for developers 

  • Sharing and embedding
  • Self-hosting with the free PhotoAnim JavaScript API

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